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What is a wrinkle?

It is the aging skin due to loss of collagen and tightening.
All wrinkles are different if you look at them closely, some wrinkles have deep line in them, some just sagsā€¦and there are different type of treatments for different types of wrinkles.

epidermis of skin which goes all the way down for an effective treatment. Especially in order for its laser beam to break down any pigmentation such as melasma then to make those damaged pigmentation to come out of your skin naturally due to macrophage, Q-switch mode is essential.

Causes of wrinkles

Aging of the skin is not the sole reason
There are many different reasons for wrinkles

Various reasons of wrinkles

  • Wrinkles are due to aging of skin
    As skin ages, collagen from epidermis decreases which causes decrease in tightening as well.
    Therefore it makes wrinkles worse especially under the eyes.
  • Wrinkles are due to gravity
    Gravity is the reason that makes our skin sag, like how eyelid and cheeks sag.
  • Wrinkles are due to face expressions
    Wrinkles are caused by the muscles under the skin. Therefore even young children have wrinkles too,
    however these wrinkles become visible when they age due to aging of the skin. Most wrinkles are on
    forhead, nose, lip, and around the nose.
  • Wrinkles are due to sleeping
    Wrinkles can be caused by sleeping on pillows, especially on the ears, side of the ears, and around the neck.
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