Wedding management

Custom-made intensive skin care for brides-to-be

This is a wedding project that provides intensive skin care for brides with skin issues caused by the physical fatigue and mental stress that result from preparation for their wedding and video filming.

We can help women become the most beautiful brides with the best skin, through individual consulting with the director and customized management. We diagnose the skin conditions of brides-to-be and then provide individual customized skin management according to video and wedding schedules. Brides-to-be can visit and enjoy skincare management according to their photography and wedding schedules.

      1. Special management for brides

This is the most common wedding care package, and consists of ultrasonic wave filling, Vitamin C Vitaliont, ultrasonic wave toning and special masks. If patients get regular management starting two or three months before their wedding, they can transform dull and non-elastic skin into bright, beautiful and healthy skin.

      2. Whitening management

If patients have color-related skin issues, such as blemishes and freckles, their faces may appear dark and dirty. We give our patients clean and bright skin by providing skin care treatments such as Vitamin C Vitaliont and Ionzyme, and IPL and laser treatment.

      3. Acne management

TAcne comedonica, inflammatory acne and red marks of acne are some of the most common worries of women who have upcoming weddings; indeed, the stress of preparing for a wedding can cause acne. Pimples and pimple scars can be removed by popping the acne, dot peeling, injections or peeling and whitening treatments.

      4. Skin scaling

Bad complexion and uneven and dark faces can be caused by too much sebum, pimple scars and dead skin cells. Patients can get clear and healthy skin through a combination of a light chemical peeling treatment and Vitamin C Vitaliont.

      5. Regeneration management

The skin recovers its elasticity, and lines become clear. When quick effects are necessary one day before a wedding or filming, this procedure can be particularly helpful.

      6. Plastic surgeries of face outline and wrinkle removal

The face outline, nose or forehead can be corrected in a short period of time without leaving marks by using Botox or filler. As square chins, sunken foreheads and hooked noses can be corrected, patients can have soft and young-looking faces. Wrinkles at the corners of the mouth and around the mouth, small wrinkles and sagging skin can be corrected by Thermage, Aramis, Botox and fillers, to give the face elasticity and vitality.

      7. Hair removal

Arms and legs, armpits and bikini line can be worries for brides getting ready to wear a wedding dress or go on their honeymoon. Laser hair removal offers the benefits of smooth skin by reducing pores, as well as getting rid of hairs.

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