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'Fat is easy to gain but difficult to lose'
Smart Lipo Once accumulated in the abdomen, forearms and thighs, fat can't be lost without doing more exercise than the amount of food. It is particularly difficult to solve the problems of swelling fat in the cheeks and ugly double chins.

After trying physical exercise and diet therapies, many people give up because they can't lose fat where they want to. With Smart Lipo, which allows patients to focus treatment on the parts of the body where they want to lose weight, these same patients can remove disgusting fat in just 10 minutes.

1. A way to perform the procedure

Smart Lipo is a procedure in which ND-YAG laser rays with a 1,064 nano wavelength are irradiated directly to exposed fat so that it melts. If 0.3 mm thin optical fiber is inserted into the subcutaneous layer through a minute incision about 1 mm in diameter, and laser rays are irradiated directly on fat tissues, holes will be made in the cell membranes of irradiated fat cells, and fat will flow out.

As the fat cells destroyed in this way are naturally excreted through the lymph vessels in the body through its natural cleaning abilities, the procedure is simple and guarantees quick recovery. As laser rays enter directly into the fat layer, the procedure is more effective than other procedures that are administered from outside the skin. As the procedure is about directly attacking the fat layer from inside the skin, it is very accurate.

As the procedure doesn't use many drugs or anesthesia, it can be used safely and comfortably.

The whole procedure takes just 10 minutes, though wide parts like the abdomen need about 20 minutes. Smart Lipo takes such a short period of time because the fat is not taken out by force, but is naturally excreted from the body through the metabolism. As a result, the procedure doesn’t require general anesthesia and people can return to their daily lives safely.

The effects of the procedure begin to appear after at about one month, after which fat continuously decreases for 3-6 months. People usually can see satisfactory effects with just one procedure, but the degree of satisfaction doubles if they get liposuction together on parts with much fat, or receive another procedure after three or four months.

2. Advantages

      1) As this procedure is not about strongly raking out fat, there are almost no problems of cellulite making
          the skin sunk or uneven.
      2) As this procedure melts fat evenly, the skin surface becomes smooth.
      3) As fat is slowly excreted by the metabolism, there is no danger of skin drooping following a rapid
          decrease of fat.
      4) When laser rays are irradiated to fat, laser heat conveyed to the surrounding skin cells energizes the
          synthesis of the skin’s regenerative chemicals, such as collagen and elastin, adding elasticity to the skin.
      5) As this procedure reduces the number of fat cells, not the size of fat cells, people can see a permanent
          effect without a yo-yo effect.
      6) As the procedure uses very thin optical fiber, no marks (scars) are left.
      7) The procedure needs just 20 minutes at the most, and allows patients to return to their daily lives shortly
          after the procedure.

3. Applicable parts

      1) Fat in the forearms, the enemy of sleeveless dresses
      2) Fat in the sides, which bulges in one-piece dresses
      3) Fat of both sides of thighs, which appear round in tight pants
      4) Fat of both sides of the hips and under the hips, which ruins the fit of blue jeans
      5) Thick ankles, which make wearing slender high heels difficult
      6) Double chins, which slim patients can’t control

4. Safety

Smart Lipo was introduced in a report presented by American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery in April of 2010, which stressed its safety and effects as a next-generation treatment.
- Magazine of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (Vol. 26, 2002)

According to a report in the magazine, 245 patients aged 17 to 55 underwent the Smart Lipo procedure. In all patients, side effects, including bleeding, bruises and swelling, were low compared with general liposuction, and the patients' skin gained elasticity.
- Magazine of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (Vol. 2, 2003)

According to a report in the magazine, the procedure was performed on 1,734 persons aged 15 to 78, produced similar effects with existing liposuction, and showed no side effects or complications.

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