Whitening & Lifting


01. Definition

The RevLite is an upgraded laser of C6 Laser which minimizes damaging the skin due to short time the laser radiating on face. It treats all melasma, ABNOM, pigment disorders doesn’t stop you from resuming to your daily activities.

Especially, RevLite is a PTP method Q-switch Nd:YAG laser. PTP stands for Photoacoustic Therapy Pulse, and its energy is 1600mj, which is 60% higher than the original C6 Laser's energy of 1000mj. Also, RevLite's new way of treatment cut the pulse into two which makes 1.3(usec) in between Dual pulse beam. Therefore, this laser
is much more upgraded yet minimizes side effects. Q-switch mode's Nd:YAG laser is a solid laser which takes short time and goes deepest as 1064nm. It gets absorbed into the

epidermis of skin which goes all the way down for an effective treatment. Especially in order for its laser beam to break down any pigmentation such as melasma then to make those damaged pigmentation to come out of your skin naturally due to macrophage, Q-switch mode is essential.

02. Treatment Procedure

Q-switch mode uses high energy to break down pigments so they disappear by absorbing into the skin or be excreted out of the skin in a very short amount of time.

Treatment is possible without damaging epidermis and corium
of the skin.

03. Features

  • U.S.'s upgraded laser of HOYA ConBio Medlite series C6 Laser.
  • PTP (Photoacoustic Therapy Pulse) is used which reduces pain and is more effective
  • Uses higher 60%energy than Medlite C6 Laser and is transmitted by 800mj dual pulse
  • 8mm spot size is used, and is 20Hz speed of dual pulse which makes the treatment quick
  • 1.3usec energy is emitted which reduces side effects
  • Resuming to daily activities is possible so it is convinient
  • Its high energy of 104nm laser beam is penetrated into the skin which transmits the heat to the collagen (photoacoustic effect), which refines colagen which was damaged due to the sun, and also remodels the epidermis.


04. Pros

  • Melanin pigment is very common for pigmentation of skin so it is hard to treat with the original IPL, yet this RevLite treatment is very effective for pigmentations.
  • It doesn’t burn your skin and can detect melanin or any pigmentation and destroys them.
  • Since the laser beam is emitted in an even manner so its effect will be consistent without side effects
  • Stimulation on the skin is reduced and skin damage is minimized so safely done.
  • It is very effective on wrinkle refinement, reducing pore with enhancing collagen
  • Treatment is quick with less pain
  • Resuming to daily activities right after the treatment is possible, and washing and putting make-up on is possible too.
    Improves skin tone and gives clear and bright skin
  • This treatment is possible in any weather, for any skin type or color..

05. Treatment that will be good if it goes along with RevLite

  • Crystal Peeling, Chemical Peeling, Injecting Vitamin C skin care, Whitening
  • Light peeling, depending on the skin, will bring faster outcome and will reduce recurrence happening

06. Diseases for which medicine is efficacious

  • Blemish, Freckles, Age Spots, ABNOM, Melasma
  • Pigmentation, Acne scar, Skin tone, Pores, Wrinkles, Cutis anserina

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Before & after

Whitening & Lifting - Before&After
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