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Refirm ST


Refirm ST is a new-concept procedure used to treat pores and wrinkles. It performs lifting, combining the functions of previous equipment that used infra-red (IR) like Titan, with the RF functions of Polaris.
Unlike previous wrinkle and lifting procedures, Refirm ST causes almost no pain, and shows its effects quickly.

1. Therapeutic principles

In Refirm ST, two types of energy, IR and RF, are conveyed to the skin at the same time, as shown in the picture. IR causes heating to the upper part of the dermal layer, and RF causes heating to the lower part of the dermal layer. Through this approach, the lifting, tightening and wrinkle improvement effects happen at the same time, unlike other treatments.


IR : Causes heating to the upper part
       of the dermal layer

RF : Causes heating to the lower part
       of the dermal layer


02. Effects of Procedure

Unlike previous pore, wrinkle and lifting procedures, Refirm ST causes almost no pain, and provides an effective treatment for skin that is not smooth due to pores, as well as skin that is drooping because of a lack of elasticity, by encouraging collagen synthesis within the derma.

In addition, Refirm ST is good for encouraging the synthesis of collagen around pores, as it tightens pores and reduces the size of the sebaceous glands, consequently reducing production of sebum and smoothing the skin surface.

Depending on skin conditions, users may see effects with just a single treatment. However, it is recommended to administer three or five treatments at an interval of three or four weeks.

Users should choose the appropriate number of treatments based on the degree of wrinkle and skin drooping, ages and skin conditions.
A treatment takes about 30 minutes and its effects can last about two or three years, although there may be differences between individuals.

03. Indicant

      1) Skin Lifting
      2) Skin Tightening
      3) Wrinkle Improvement
      4) Pore Improvement

04. Treatment Mechanism


05. Advantages of Refirm ST

      1) Refirm ST treatment causes almost no pain and makes patients comfortable, as it is a non-surgical
      2) Refirm ST uses IR like Titan and applies RF to the skin at the same time, creating a synergy that
          produces distinct effects in terms of lifting and wrinkle improvement.
      3) A Refirm ST treatment can solve various skin issues related to aging, such as pores, lifting, skin tones
          and wrinkles.
      4) Refirm ST causes almost no side effects and is very safe, so patients will experience no problems in
          washing and makeup.
      5) Patients can see effects of natural wrinkle removal without surgeries.
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