About Us

Why Mirae Laser Clinic?

1. 1:1 - Patients can get private operations and care through customized skin consulting.

Mirae Skin Care Clinic tries to maximize patient satisfaction by providing sincere and prudent consultations with every patient, and aiming to perform perfect operations.

2. We provide high-quality service.

The kind staff of Mirae Skin Care Clinic works to ease the anxieties and fears of patients by conducting treatment in cozy interior and comfortable environment. We offer effective treatment through continuous communication and precise skin diagnosis, rather than temporary treatment and management.

3. We provide a one-stop service for hair removal and skin care.

Through substantial investments in the latest laser equipment, we can provide a one-stop service for various skin treatments.

4. We pursue the best results through careful operations, to achieve high patient satisfaction.

The goal of every patient that visits Mirae is to be beautiful. We have introduced the latest medical instruments and new treatment concepts, and provide various programs that are customized according to each patient's skin types.

5. We always think from the patient's point of view.

We will look at things from your point of view, and always think from the position of the patient.

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Mirae Medical Clinic Organization Structure

Mirae Health Examination Center (Homepage: http://www.mrhealth.co.kr)

Mirae Dermatology Cliinic (Homepage: http://www.mrhealth.co.kr)

Mirae Dental Clinic (Homepage: http://www.mr-dental.co.kr)

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