Liposuction by body part


As facial nerves are right under the skin, in most cases, induction syringes and thin cannula are used.
Carefully inducting the fat of thick cheeks and chin will be effective, and patients will see the angle and line
of their chins.

How to operate

Fat is inducted by inserting a thin induction pipe or an ultrasonic wave sucker rod through a small 3-5 mm incision behind both earlobes. The amount of fat inducted
will differ depending on the patient, but is about 500-800 cc.

When additional fat needs to be inducted from right under the front chin or the chin
end, it can be inducted or removed through an incision sized about 5 mm immediately below the chin end. When the problem of excessive fat in the chin area is compounded by the patient having a less pronounced chin to begin with, an operation to make the chin more prominent using an orthotic can be conducted at the same time. After the operation, patients can avoid swelling or bruises and ensure beautiful chin and neck lines by wearing a face protector.


Of all the body parts, the arms are where we can see the surest and fastest effects. If the part connecting with the chests bulges, induction can be done at the same time. As the operation is conducted on parts of the body that are out of sight, there will be no problem of scarring. It is good to conduct an operation on lower parts of the arms and parts connecting the arms and chest when both arms are raised not very high. As the upper parts are mainly muscles, it will not be very effective to conduct the operation on those parts.

How to operate

An operation is conducted after making small incisions near the elbow and armpit, which are almost invisible, to remove the fat of drooping parts when stretching arms sideways. Patients can feel progress after operations after swelling disappears to a degree, and can have natural and thin arm lines by wearing pressing garments
for two or three months.


As fat cells are spread within the compact fibers of the back, it is more difficult to conduct an operation on the back than on the abdomen or thighs. When a fat layer is accumulated, however, patients can see good results.

How to operate

Fat is inducted through very small incisions sized about 4-5 mm on the center of the back or on the right
and left part of the back. Like other parts, patients should wear pressing garments for about three months.

Abdomen and Waist

These parts of the body can see the best effects from liposuction. Of all the body parts with deep fat layers, the abdomen and waist have the thickest fat layer. Scars are not noticeable, because they are only about 3-4 mm long near the navel and on the sides hidden by underwear. In general, about 2,000~6,000 cc fat can be inducted at once, so surprising effects can be achieved.

How to operate

The abdomen has two fat layers, so an equal amount of fat is inducted from the deep and shallow fat layers.


THips have deep fat layers. Patients with sagging or bulging hips can see remarkable effects. Patients whose upper parts or sides of the hips are heavily dented can obtain beautiful hip lines by getting liposuction and a fat implant at the same time. As scars are left on the wrinkled parts below the hips, they are not seen.

How to operate

Liposuction is conducted by making a small incision at the inside of wrinkles below hips.


TPeople gain fat on their thighs easily, but it is difficult to lose. Fortunately, very satisfactory effects can be achieved through thigh liposuction. However, thighs can be uneven after an operation, so it should be conducted carefully. An incision of about 3-5 mm is made in a location hidden by underwear, or at knee wrinkles if necessary, and about 1,500~5,000 cc of fat is inducted.

How to operate

Fat accumulation takes place evenly at the sides of the thighs, the inside of the thighs, over the knees, and at the back of the thighs. Patients can only see good effects when fat is removed equally from the entire thigh.
Wearing pressing garments for about three months after the operation will help patients have sleek and slim thighs.

Calf and ankle

Unlike the abdomen, waist and thighs, calves have a single fat layer, so only a small amount of fat can be inducted.
When the fat layer is thick, however, liposuction of the calves can produce a remarkable effect. If the ankle has become thick due to fat accumulation, liposuction can bring very satisfactory results. An operation for muscle reduction or Botox injection can be done at the same time.

How to operate

There are three kinds of operations to correct the calf lines. These are calf liposuction, muscle reduction and myectomy. In the past, most corrections of calf lines were made through liposuction. However, calves have a single thin fat layer, so there are limitations in terms of reducing calf lines by liposuction. For some calves, muscle bulge cannot be corrected by liposuction. As a result, operations for muscle reduction are conducted these days by selectively blocking the muscles that form biceps of the calves, greatly enlarging the width of calf line correction.

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Before & after

1. Double chin

Double chin - Before&After

2. Forearm

Forearm - Before&After

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Legs - Before&After
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