Hair Removal

Hair Removal Survey

This survey is based on the responses of 50 patients who have undergone hair removal procedures at our
clinic after receiving previous treatments at another clinic.

1. If you have experienced laser hair removal in other places, they what is the reason
    of choosing Mirae laser clinic?

1. advertisement / price 34%

2. technology or result 31%

3. referring of friends or family 23%

4. dissatisfaction of other clinics 12%

2. What kind of laser machine have you been treated in previous clinics?
     (if you have more than one please choose one that you had more treatment.)

1. Ultimate Light™ or Pulsed Light (IPL) 71%

2. Qutera 13%

3. Nd:Yag Laser (1064 nm wavelength) 5%

4. light sheer duet 3%

5. E.C.T 8%

3. How much pain is reduced in comparison to procedures with prior equipment?

On average, 73% says that pain is reduced

4. Are you satisfying with your result compared to the other clinic?

1. Yes 92%

2. 잘 모르겠다 5%

3. No 3%

5. let's pretend your hair is 100% before you started the hair removal treatment in
    Mirae( who have at least three session) . How many percentage of hair have you
    permanently reduced?

1. Less than 70% : 2%

2. 70-80 % : 4%

3. 80-90 : 7%

4. 90- 99% : 87%

If you compare the effeteness ( re-growth of hairs in treated area) of the laser hair
    removal with Mirae and other clinics, is the Mirae

On average, 57% says outstanding


Based on this question more than 90 % are satisfied with our clinic. Mirae laser clinic might count the
reason of satisfactions on less painful and great results due to the fact that over 73% customer agreed that
the lightsheer duet was less painful than other machine, and our customers observe 87% of hair reduction
after 12 months.

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