Botox & Filler


Mirae laser clinic’s fillers can enhance the beauty of our patients without leaving scars.

Fillers are substances used to directly fill in areas of the skin. We use different kinds of filler depending on the skin of the patient. There are hyaluronic acid and solid particulated fillers.

Advantages of fillers

      1. There is almost no swelling or pain, as no knives are used.
      2. Effects appear immediately after procedures.
      3. Patients can get the shape they want and enjoy customized plastic surgery through minute corrections after procedures.
      4. As a procedure takes only about five minutes, it doesn’t interfere with work schedules.
      5. People can get on with their daily lives shortly after getting procedures.

Target areas for procedures

  • Wrinkles around mouth, on forehead, around eyes, etc.
  • Cheek fat, sunken parts below eyes, correction of short chins, lip outlines and sunken scars, etc.
  • Low nose and shape of nose end, etc.

Precautions after operation

Customized plastic surgery is possible through minute corrections after procedure!

Light red dots may appear after the procedure, but these will disappear after 1-3 days. Bruises may occur at the injection sites, but will naturally fade in two or three days. Swelling may occur at the injection sites immediately after procedures, but will naturally disappear in two or three days. Massaging those parts for about five minutes a day will promote a quick recovery.

It is best to avoid touching treated parts for about six hours after a procedure, but applying makeup will not cause any problems. Patients who undergo a procedure should avoid artificial suntanning or sauna, as well as exposure to severe cold or heat.

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Before & After

1. Smile Line

2. Smile Line - Before&After

2. Forehead wrinkles

4. Forehead wrinkles - Before&After
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