Botox & Filler

Face Correction

1. Well balanced and dimensional face

It’s difficult to have a well balanced face. Filler is helpful for correcting your face into well balanced face.
Usually it is recommended for people who have two different looks: front of the face and the side of the face.

2. Visualize chinless and flat forehead

If your chin is tucked in which makes your mouth more like overbite, or if you have a flattened forehead, this treatment is definitely recommended. Using the filler, you can visualize chin/jaw giving smoother look on your face. As for flat forehead, filler can also be used to correct this making your face smaller and cuter.

3. Creating a young face through rounded cheeks

Hollow cheeks can make you look older and give your sharoer image. Cheek treatment is done with the filler, filling in the hollow part of your cheeks making it more plumped which will give younger and heakthier look.

Face Correction

4. Pretty dimensional correction

  • Pretty dimensional correction
  • Very simple and quick
  • Do not need full anesthesia and does not have any cut therefore leaving no scar
  • Bruise might appear after the treatment but it’s only temporary
  • Filler treatment needs periodical treatment in order to maintain your results
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Square Jaw (Chin) Treatment

Broad to slender jawline
– Facial outline botox surgery

Botox is an effective treatment for individuals with over-developed jaw muscles. It not only satisfy youtself but makes other people around you feel god as well. Squared jaw women seem to have complex with their face because it makes their face look a lot bigger. However, recently, people getting botox to fix their square jaw is becoming popular among women, for greater look.

1. Who needs this treatment?

Effective for protruding jaw due to over-developed facial muscles.
The facial shape can be made slender for almost 100% of the cases in which the muscle behind the jaw hardens when the jaws are clenched. While square-shaped jawlines caused by the shape of the jaw bone may require grinding of the bone, such cases may also be accompanied by developed jaw muscles. Therefore, botox injections may provide significant improvement for people who are uncertain about surgical options.

2. Botox Injection is simple

It takes about 10 minutes. It's quick and simple. Unlike the surgery, which is more dangerous and highter possibility of side effect, Botox injection is much more simple and safe. Also, its side effect is only temporary and it goes away within time. This treatment is just same as getting one shot.

3. Wrinkle Botox vs. Square Chin Botox

If you want to see Wrinkle Botox's effectiveness, you will need to get consistent treatment for about 4-6months. However, Square Jaw Treatment takes only one shot to see its effectiveness. If you get the treatment 3-6months after the first treatment, it will stay for at least a year.

4. Is there any side effect for square jaw treatment?

For about a month, 1 or 2 out of 100 people will feel pain where they got the shot but it won't be bad to the point where that person can't resume all normal activities. Just try to avoid chewing gum, food that’s really chewy or hard.

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Smile Line

1. Cause of Smile Lines

The cause of smile lines is because of loss of collagen due to aging,
UV ray, pollution, etc. If your skin does not have enough collagen, skin becomes thin and dry very easily.

2. Smile Lines Treatment

The Matridex filler consists of substances called Hyaluronic acid and Dextranomere.
Hyaluronic acid is currently the most favored filler type as a substance which fills in the dermis.
Hyaluronic acid is a purely synthesized substance compared to animal-based products and therefore safe from adverse reactions

Dextranomere is a substance which accelerates collagen synthesis and in the field of urology, the substance is used to regenerate tissue in the treatment of urinary incontinence resulting from soft tissue damage. The results of wrinkle reduction can last up to 2 years after surgery (18 months on average) due to the fact that this substance can remain in the Dermis for a long time.

3. Treatment Procedure

Prior to the filler injection, the skin is sterilized and a topical anesthetic is applied. Since the pain during the procedure is that of receiving a needle shot, applying the anesthetic is not a requirement. Once the anesthetic is in effect (approximately 25 minutes) a maximum of 2mL of the filler is injected into the dermis once.

4. Notification after the treatment

      1) Because it's a short, simple treatment, there will be no scars and no time needed for recovery.
      2) There might be red spots after the treatment, but they are temporary and will go away within 1 week
      3) You need to keep the treated area cold for 30~60minutes right after to minimize swelling.
          If the swelling is bad it can cause infection, so you need doctor’s prescription for medicine.
      4) Stay away from hight temperature activities such as spa. If you find anything uncomfortable or unusual for
          3 weeks after the treatment, it is recommended to see your doctor.
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Lip Treatment

1. Lip Treatment using filler

Firstly, the lips must be full with a well-defined contour.
The optimal positon of the lips occurs when the length the from chin to below the nose makes up a third of the length of the entire face and when the length from below the nose to the upper lip equals half of the length from the chin to the bottom lip. The optimal proportion of lip thickness is as follows: <upper lip to bottom lip ratio= 2:3> ; upper lip thickness 7~9mm ; lower lip thickness 9~11mm.

2. Filler lip surgery process and example

Using filler, it takes about only 15 min after numbing, so it is very simple and quick.

  • Lip Augmentation : Filler is injected on the lip to give plumped look
  • Contour Treatment : Filler is injected inside and outside of the philtrum giving more volume which helps balance the whole face

3. Filler lip surgery process and example

  • You will not need more time for recovery because the treatment is simple and quick
  • After 30 ~60 minutes after the surgery you need to keep the treated area cold to minimize swelling
  • Stay away from high temperature activities such as spa for at least a week
  • If you find anything unusual, see the doctor again 2 weeks after the treatment
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