Whitening & Lifting

Double Whitening

01. 1. Double Whitening Principle

Removes melasma, blemish all at once and also refines collagen which makes clearer skin, and adds lifting effect which makes the skin more tight

02. Double Whitening's Advantage

03. The advantage of double-whitening

Outcome is very clear to see and effective, and can treat various disorders

Due to 3 laser synergy effectiveness, those melasmas which can reoccur can be reated with effective outcome

Only safe and new technologies are used so it is safe with minimized side effects


Trust Mirae laser clinic's Know-how!! In Mirae laser clinic...

      01. Enforces upgraded C6 laser, the New RevLite Laser, for laser toning
      02. After Laser Toning, Vitaloint Skin care is performed which makes its outcome more effective and quick!
      03. Great chance to be treated with newest equipment with reasonable price

04. Treatment Period

      01. washing and putting make-up is okay on the day of the treatment therefore resuming to daily activity is fine
      02. Treament in every 3~4 weeks
      03. Its effectiveness depends on the person but with average 5 treatments, you will see the difference"
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Before & after

Double Whitening - Before&After
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