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Derma Toxin

This procedure is similar to Botox injection, but enables patients to maintain a more natural expression.

Derma Toxin

This is a procedure to improve lifting, color, elasticity, wrinkles, pores and scars by infusing Botulinum to the skin layers.

Mirae's toxin injections use the main ingredients of Botox, but unlike most Botox treatments, they hardly anethetize the expression muscles. As a result, patients will have less wrinkles and achieve a naturally slim face outline through its lifting effects. Dark skin tones, pores and acne scars will be improved as well, giving them better results.

Advantages of Dermatoxin

      1. Patients will have no trouble returning to their daily lives, because this treatment leaves no signs
          10-30 minutes after a procedure.
      2. Wrinkles, skin tones, pores, scars and face shapes will be generally improved by the injections.
      3. People can see the effects immediately after a procedure.
      4. People will experience no trouble with their daily routines, such as face washing, makeup and exercise.
> Who needs Dermatoxin?
      1. Patients who want to quickly improve their skin, facial condition and outlines before important occasions,
          such as weddings and job interviews
      2. Patients who have dark or uneven skin
      3. Patients who want to solve skin issues, such as pores, elasticity and skin tone, in a short period of time,
          without signs
      4. Patients with problems of skin elasticity
      5. Patients with wrinkles (middle of forehead, around the eyes, expression wrinles on forehead, wrinkles
          below eyes, wrinkles around mouth, deep and shallow wrinkles and neck wrinkles, etc.)
      6. Patients with chapped skin, square chin

DermaToxin Treatment

People can see their skin tone, wrinkles and pores improve after just one procedure, but can maintain better skin condition for a year by undergoing procedures every two or three months.

  • We delicately apply multiple small injections to many different areas.
    We try to produce ideal treatment effects, not only by applying different portions of medicine and different lengths of injection according to the features of facial parts, but also by applying injections to as many parts as possible.

  • Regular procedure
    As we keep data about the reactions of each patient to the various medicines, patients can enjoy accurate and guaranteed effects, and maintain good conditions.
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Before & After

2. Square Jaw - Before&After
3. Smile Line - Before&After
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