Acne Treatment

People can have clean and healthy skin through skin managment, not through the use of makeup.

Mirae Skin Care Clinic will provide the best medical services to give our patients clean and beautiful skin.

1. Acne Treatment

Acne is an inflammatory disease that occurs because of the acne virus, which is caused by pores being closed due to the development of the sebum glands.
It is important to prevent acne viruses from growing by maintaining open pores without stimulating the sebum glands and worsening inflammation.

The treatment period differs according to the type of acne, and treatment should be conducted for a considerable period of time, one or two months at least. Depending on the patient’s conditions, acne scars can be removed through chemical peeling or laser treatment, and treatment of inflammation should be conducted earlier than the treatment of scars.

2. Types of ACNE

      1) Squeezing-out treatment
      Acne comedonica, if neglected, can become inflammatory acne, so acne comedonica should be prevented from developing to inflammatory acne by popping. The squeezing-out treatment should be conducted after opening pores by doing a steam massage and then supplying moisture to the skin.

      Opening pores closed by sebum through the squeezing-out treatment to promote the production of sebum by peeling can calm acne and promote regeneration of the skin by helping the production of sebum and waste.

      2) Scaling (peeling)
      Scaling, the shallowest type of chemical peeling, removes the layer of dead skin cells using chemicals. In acne treatment, removing the dead skin cell layer promotes the absorption of drugs and gets rid of the dead cell layer. As a result, sebum is excreted smoothly and new skin cells grow, making the skin soft.

      To treat serious acne, laser scaling, a combination of laser punch and peeling, is highly effective, and can cleanly remove acne through three or four procedures.
      The scaling procedure does not have immediate effects. The skin begins to peel and dead cells begin to drop about two or three days after the procedure. Acne will gradually improve through about four treatments.
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What is a PDT?

PDT is a treatment that effectively controls acne by destroying sebum glands and killing acne after applying Ala Revolution Gel to the skin and then exposing the skin to bright light.

PDT Indications

Advantages of PDT

      1) Patients can return to their daily routine after procedures.
      2) PDT causes few side effects, and is safe.
      3) The effect of treatment appears quickly, and lasts for a long time.
      4) Women of childbearing age who can’t take drugs can use this treatment.

Precautions of PDT

Acne treatment that effectively controls acne!

      1. Sun exposure should be avoided for one or two days after a procedure.
      2. Erythema and dead cells can happen for 1-3 days after a procedure.
      3. More acne may appear about a week after a procedure, due to the stimulation of the pores.
      4. Patients must visit the clinic and undergo a procedure, which takes 3-4 hours.
      5. 3-5 procedures are necessary, at an interval of a month.
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What is MATRIX IR?

A new-concept procedure combining the advantages of Fraxel Laser and Polaris!!
MATRIX IR is twice as powerful as Polaris, and causes almost no pain!

Treatment principles of MATRIX IR

  • You will not need more time for recovery because the treatment is simple and quick
  • After 30 ~60 minutes after the surgery you need to keep the treated area cold to minimize swelling
  • Stay away from high temperature activities such as spa for at least a week
  • If you find anything unusual, see the doctor again 2 weeks after the treatmen

Treatment effects of MATRIX IR

  • Large pores, acne scars
  • Blood vessel diseases (Especially red acne marks)
  • Improve pigment diseases and skin tones
  • Skin lifting and wrinkles

Advantages of MATRIX IR

      1) MATRIX IR can solve various skin issues, such as acne, pores and wrinkles, in a short period of time.
      2) MATRIX IR causes far less pain and takes less time than other treatments, so MATRIX IR makes
          patients comfortable.
      3. MATRIX IR causes almost no side effects, so MATRIX IR causes no problems with patients in their
          daily lives after the procedure.
      4. MATRIX IR provides the highest-quality anti-aging treatment, like wrinkles and lifting, through synergy.
      5. MATRIX IR causes almost no side effects, so MATRIX IR causes patients no problems in their daily lives
          after the procedure.
      6. MATRIX IR provides the highest-quality treatment for age-related issues, like wrinkles and lifting,
          through synergy.
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Before & After

1. Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

2. Treatment of Acne Scars

Treatment of Acne Scars - Before & After
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